Angry Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal receives first “Golden Hammer Award” for 2018

Angry Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal receives first “Golden Hammer Award” for 2018

Image: The shifty-eyed Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal is making a grab…mostly for the money of taxpayers.

Conroe, January 14 – An angry Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, received the first “Golden Hammer Award” of 2018 for “hammering the taxpayers.” Doyal has presided over 428% of County government spending increases since 2000 while the population has only increased 84% during the same time period.

The following is the entirety of The Golden Hammer Award presentation from the January 9, 2018, meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. Doyal maintained an angry scowl throughout the presentation.

“The Tx-249 Tollway, also known as the Decimation of Hope Highway, earns Craig Doyal the first “Golden Hammer” of 2018, especially as it pertains the preposterous proposal today to begin advertising for its construction right now:

  • CDM Smith has not yet completed its $400,000 revenue and traffic study, so it’s not clear that even bogus economic analysis will support construction of the road;
  • Texas Department of Transportation has confirmed that they’d construct the road as a free road, using gas tax funds the citizens have already paid, if Montgomery County didn’t proceed to build the project as a tollroad;
  • On March 6, 2018, Montgomery County Republican voters will vote on statewide Proposition 2 which calls for no government funding or construction of tollroads without voter approval first; and
  • State Representative Mark Keough who is running for Montgomery County Judge, State Representative candidate Steve Toth, Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and a score of other political leaders have called for no additional tollroads in Texas.

“The County Republican Executive Committee, the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the State Republican Executive Committee, and numerous state legislators, as well as the vast majority of people in Montgomery County don’t want more tollroads.

“Chris Jones, Pct 5 Chief, called for a road, not for a tollroad when he spoke before the Commissioners Court on December 19, 2017. So did the Fire Chief. The National Transportation Safety Board has found in numerous studies that tollroads hinder and do not help emergency traffic.

“It’s clear there are only 2 MoCo citizens who want a tollroad between Spring Creek and Pinehurst and their names are Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley.

“”You’ve cost us more than $13 million out of the County’s general revenue

“You have no idea what the actual cost of construction of the road will be.

“The cost of frontage roads to Montgomery County will be monstrous.

“After TxDOT Commissioner Victor Vandergriff’s admissions to the Commissioners Court in December, it’s clear there’d be an expansion of Tx-249 for free, as Commissioner Clark also pointed out. They won’t build A and C and not build B in the middle.

“All of this money spent only benefits the 2 of you and no one else!

“Please stop hammering us. Please stop wasting our gold and the gold of our children and grandchildren.”





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