Angry divider Bryan Christ with money interest announces candidacy for GOP Chairmanship as “establishment” candidate

Social party planner Kristin Nichole (right) and her husband Bryan Christ (left).

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe and Magnolia, September 17 – Bryan Christ, an angry divider with a distinct financial interest in Republican Party politics, announced his candidacy for the Montgomery County Republican Party (“MCRP”) Chairmanship yesterday with Wally Wilkerson, the current Chairman, endorsing him and standing by Christ’s side. Christ has made clear that he believes there are “two MCRP organizations in Montgomery County.” It’s unclear which, if either, Christ seeks to chair.

Christ is a struggling computer technician who lives in Magnolia with his wife Kristin Nichole, who sometimes assumes his name and goes by Kristin Christ. Kristin Nichole is a social party planner whom Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley hired to run his 2018 re-election campaign. Nichole is the primary breadwinner in the family and also works for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner candidate Robert Walker.

Christ’s political experience includes running for Republican Precinct Chairman of Precinct 13, a voting precinct in the Magnolia area twice in 2016 and 2018. Christ lost to Brian Crumby both times. Christ has never served in a Republican Party position, rarely attends Republican County Executive Committee meetings, and has no experience managing, organizing, or leading political campaigns.

Christ is, however, firmly within the control of the anti-conservatives under the leadership of Wilkerson and Riley who have voted to defeat “every conservative” Republican elected official in the 2020 election.

Christ worked with his wife Nichole to found the fake “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” which the MCRP Executive Committee condemned for misleading voters in a recent meeting and vote of the Republican Precinct Chairs. In the 2018 General Election, Christ and his wife campaigned against Republican-backed candidates, including Brian Boniface, the Woodlands Township Board member who had received the endorsement of the Republican Party.

Kelli Cook, Montgomery County Republican Party Finance Chair and the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, said, “All of what Bryan Christ has been doing is benefitting his wife’s bank account. He’s got a financial interest in getting certain Republicans elected.”

Cook raised that concern, because, traditionally, the Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman does not take a position in contested primary elections. Christ, however, would have a powerful incentive to favor one Republican candidate over another, specifically the candidate for whom his wife works. Tying the Republican Party Chairmanship with a paid political consultant would be quite a lucrative combination. Candidates would want to hire Nichole as their consultant in an electoral contest in order to gain favor with Christ, if he were the GOP Chairman.


In an unusual move, Christ has already endorsed Robert Walker for election to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. That’s a strange action for someone running for a position where, if elected, he should show neutrality in contested primary races.

Christ’s opponent, Jon Bouche, is a renowned conservative activist with a list of Republican credentials a mile long. Bouche serves as an elected Precinct Chairman from Oak Ridge North. He’s worked as a volunteer on numerous campaigns, was instrumental in the Children’s Hope PAC’s successful campaign to defeat the Conroe Independent School District’s $807 million bond, served as Chairman of the Freedom & Liberty Conservatives PAC and is currently the Chairman of the Citizens Budget Committee. Bouche is an elected servant who serves on the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District where he is one of the reform leaders.

For which party is Christ running?

Christ’s campaign advertisement where he contends there are two Montgomery County Republican Party organizations in Montgomery County.

Less than four weeks ago Christ campaigned for Precinct Chairman for the Republican Precinct where he’s already lost twice. In a campaign social media post, entitled “Why there are two MCRP organizations in Montgomery County,” Christ argued that there are two different Republican parties in Montgomery County, the one Wilkerson heads and the one comprising the leadership of all of the other officers of the Montgomery County Republican Party, including elected Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, elected Treasurer John Hill Wertz, elected Secretary Rachel Bingham, and the 96 Republican Precinct Chairs all of whom the citizens voted to elect.

Cook commented, “Christ claiming there are two Republican parties is just like Allen West, who is running for State Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, and who has had no involvement at all in Republican organization, volunteerism, or leadership. Christ is just parachuting in to claim an office.”

Christ’s position that there are two Republican parties is very worrisome. He’s correct in one sense. After the elected Precinct Chairs passed a new set of Bylaws which decentralized authority within the Montgomery County Republican Party, the County Chairman, Wally Wilkerson refused to abide by the bylaws and even refused to provide available Party funds for the 2018 General Election Campaign. The Republican Party of Texas, through its State Republican Executive Committee, voted unanimously to recognize the validity of those new MCRP Bylaws under the Texas Election Code and under the Republican Party of Texas Rules. Wilkerson wouldn’t go along with the ruling.

On October 2, 2018, the Republican Party of Texas Officials Committee, which acts as an “executive leadership committee” for the State Republican Party, voted unanimously to censure Wilkerson for conduct “intended to bring disgrace upon the Republican Party.” The State Party ordered Wilkerson to make the Party funds available to the MCRP’s General Election campaign and to abide by the duly-enacted Bylaws.

Wilkerson again refused and made clear that he did not even believe the MCRP “is a part of the Republican Party of Texas,” much to the surprise of financial contributors to the local MCRP for years who thought they were supporting the Republican Party.

Where was Christ during all of these matters? Nowhere to be found.

Christ didn’t contribute at all to the efforts in the November 6, 2018, General Election campaign of the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee, while Bouche worked tirelessly for that effort. Christ wasn’t a member of the County Executive Committee of MCRP and didn’t attend their meetings. Bouche was a leader on the County Executive Committee and a member of the Party’s Steering Committee.

The recent history and Wilkerson’s endorsement of Christ all makes Christ’s candidacy look like a desperate attempt by the “establishment” to fight against the grassroots conservatives who ran the most successful General Election campaign of any local Republican Party organization in Texas.

Christ is the “establishment” seeking to cling to power. Bouche brings the energy and reform, which, according to State Republican Executive Committeeman Mark Ramsey of Houston has made “Montgomery County…the most energized county party organization I’m aware of, bar none. I don’t care if you’re talking about Tarrant County or any of the others, it is an extraordinary energized party. They have just been knocking the socks off things, they’ve taken on school boards, they’ve defeated bond elections, they’ve gotten more people involved.”

Why would Republican voters want to change that and go back to the ways of the political “establishment” with a candidate, Christ, who has no experience whatsoever?




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