An Editorial Analogy: Exciting Times for Montgomery County Schools!

The bass drum logo of the B. Hussein Obama Band.

Conroe, December 20 – There’s an exciting development. Former United States President B. Hussein Obama has moved to Montgomery County! He and his lovely wife Michele have decided that they are still dedicated to community activism and want to bring their values to the suffering people of Montgomery County. They made this decision after hearing Montgomery County Community Development Director Joanne Ducharme report to the Commissioners Court yesterday about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in government money that she is spending to aid the many, many, many homeless people of Montgomery County (most of whom spend all of their time in Harris County).

It turns out that Obama loves music and loves to sing, even though he has a somewhat rough voice. He’s formed a band. B. Hussein himself will be the lead singer. Michele will play the drums. Dr. Don Stockton, Superintendent of the Conroe Independent School District, will play the acoustic guitar, while his three top-level administrators will play the bass guitar, tambourine, and keyboards.

The B. Hussein Obama band will be playing in the Conroe ISD schools, in senior living centers, and holding “family fun days” for families whose adults happened to be registered voters in Montgomery County.

The logo above is the band’s logo. Fortunately, it has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. And, of course, neither does the band have anything to do with politics.

In a completely unrelated development, Obama has announced that he’s running as an independent candidate for Montgomery County Judge in the November, 2018, general election.

Did we mention that the band has nothing to do with politics?



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