America desperately needs gridlock to shut down the Biden White House’s policy initiatives

America desperately needs gridlock to shut down the Biden White House’s policy initiatives

Image: It’s time Americans shut down the policies of the Biden White House.

Editorial Board, The Golden Hammer

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Election Day, Americans should go the polls and vote for every Republican for whom they can find an opportunity to vote. We’re not saying the Republican Party is particularly great.

Instead, the reason is that sending Republicans into office will accomplish the gridlock Americans desperately need right now.

Gridlock is good for at least two reasons. First, when a Democrat control the Executive Branch, Republicans should control Congress in order to perpetuate the separation of powers our Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution envisioned. Secondly, and far more germane to the present circumstance of the United States of America, gridlock would shut down the policies of the Biden administration.

In two short years, Biden has:

  • Obliterated the robust “Trump economy” through over-regulation of American industries, through arbitrary and capricious regulations creating supply chain shortages, and through a terrible foreign policy revolving almost entirely around the Biden family’s strong financial interest in Ukraine.
  • Spent more than $64 billion protecting Ukraine’s borders while spending less than a quarter of that amount on protecting America’s borders. The result has been two-fold. Human trafficking across Biden’s porous Mexico-US border has skyrocketed and become a $50 billion per year industry. The human trafficking industry accrues more revenue than all professional sports combined.
  • Spent more than $1.3 trillion on a climate and healthcare package, which contributes nothing to the American economy other than interference.
  • Decimated the US domestic energy industry by regulation and then created massive shortages in oil and gas deliveries through sanctions against oil producers, thereby driving the price of oil up massively. Biden almost single-handedly drove the price of gasoline higher and led the way to the highest rate of inflation Americans have suffered in 40 years.
  • Led to the deaths of many Afghans and Americans through his messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, which also toppled the government the United States had spent trillions of dollars to establish there.
  • Tried to enforce, by executive order, a vaccine mandate against large American companies, which, fortunately, the United States Supreme Court struck down as illegal.
  • Done nothing to move his Democrat Party away from policies to defund local police, thereby resulting in major crime waves in Austin, Oregon, Chicago, and Minnesota, among many other locales.
  • Led a war on school parents, through the actions of his Justice Department, which has sought to classify parents complaining to public schools as “domestic terrorists.”

In summary, Biden has been a failure as president. Biden has allowed the far left wing of the Democrat Party to lead him to extreme policy positions. A Republican-led Congress will provide a substantial check on the Biden White House.

America desperately needs gridlock. Voters deliver the federal government into the safe harbor or gridlock.



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