Afternoon Extra! Precinct 2 Commissioner candidate Parker states opposition to Woodlands Parkway Extension, suggests focus on defeating liberal incumbent Riley


Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker.

Conroe and Magnolia, November 21 – Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker has stated his clear opposition to the proposed Woodlands Parkway Extension that incumbent Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner and County Judge Craig Doyal attempted to foist on the citizens of Montgomery County during the May, 2015, road bond referendum that went down to defeat.

At the meeting of the Montgomery County Tea Party last night, one of Parker’s opponents, Brian Dawson, asked Parker, “Did you support it [the Woodlands Parkway Extension] or oppose it?” When Parker did not respond, Dawson said, “See…he hides from his record.”

Parker explained to The Golden Hammer earlier today that he did not respond because “That was not the proper time to do so.” Parker explained that he did not vote in the May, 2015, road bond referendum, because he was in Oklahoma at the time on a job. “While my residency in Montgomery County has never changed… it is a fact that during 2015, I was working for weeks and months at a time in Oklahoma. I was focused on doing the job I was being paid to do. Now that I have researched the issue, had I been here, rest assured I would have voted against the Woodlands Parkway Extension,” Parker said.

Parker added that he believes it’s time to focus on the incumbent, the ultra-liberal pro-government spending Riley, and issues that are significantly more pressing. Parker said, “Enough, let’s focus! The incumbent is the target and my campaign is focused on the fact that, in Precinct 2, several projects in the Magnolia area, The Woodlands, and around Fish Creek Parkway there has been little or no progress since the November, 2015 road bond referendum.” Parker went on to say, “No toll roads. I believe it is important that we refocus energies away from the Tx-249 toll road and the Woodlands Parkway Extension and put them on mobility planning and completing road projects. And I have the experience to make that happen.”



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