Adults report physical and psychological damage suffered by children masking at school, as nonprofit steps in to provide outlet

Adults report physical and psychological damage suffered by children masking at school, as nonprofit steps in to provide outlet

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Mesa (Arizona), November 20 – With cases of COVID-19 spiking in cities and states across the country, due in large part to a massive increase in testing, as well as hyper-sensitive PCR tests which routinely detect old infections by picking up fragments of dead viral cells, government leaders are doubling down on their face mask mandates in a futile attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Included in these nation-wide orders are requirements for America’s school-age children to wear face-coverings throughout the school day, leading to numerous reports of kids suffering physical and psychological trauma as a result.

Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS), a 501(c)(3) grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the Constitutional rights of American citizens based in Arizona, is now providing a forum for caregiving adults to report incidents of abuse and neglect of children caused by these unnecessary mandates.

“My 11 year old son started complaining of headaches soon after the school year started,” a parent in Georgia has reported. “After questioning him, I discovered the headaches would start just a couple of hours into the school day. That’s when I realized it was the mask which makes him sick, because you’re not getting as much oxygen to the brain.”

Headaches were also a problem for the children of this Massachusetts parent, and the problem became so severe that the kids were pulled from school:

“My young children returned to school full time in September…My children often came home upset and with headaches. One child was denied breaks even after I notified the school of the anxiety he was experiencing over all of this. Being in school…with headaches is not a learning environment I could continue to keep my children in.”

Other parents reported skin conditions caused by several hours of forced masking on a daily basis. “My daughter who has never had any skin issues or illnesses (even minor colds were unusual for her) has developed a rash on her beautiful nose and chin from the constant mask wearing and has developed chronic allergies,” shared a Pennsylvania mom. “The doctor has said the rash is from the mask.”

“My son is in 10th grade and he now shaves,” a separate PA parent reported. “But ever since he started wearing a mask he is now breaking out everywhere that he shaves. Reason being is that he is not getting fresh air and he is breathing bacteria that comes from the mouth and it is getting into his skin and causing infection.”

Stories such as these began pouring in from around the country within just a few hours of CFFS’s incident-sharing site going live, and CFFS Founder and Executive Director Patrick Wood believes they are just getting started. “Anyone with children or grandchildren has seen the horrific impact that mandatory face coverings have had on these kids,” Wood stated. “Parents will grouse to one another about what is happening to their kids, but when they realize there is nothing they can do about it, they feel helpless.

The goal, according to the CFFS director, is to collect every verifiable story of physical or psychological trauma possible, so that these stories can be shared with school or other government officials on behalf of the exasperated parents and their desperate children.

“The suffering of a few kids might not generate the attention or actions required,” Wood explained, “but hearing the first-hand accounts of the suffering of thousands will force the powers-that-be to do something about it.”

Within two hours of the site going live, nearly 70 incidents of harm caused by mask mandates were reported by parents, teachers, and other child advocates, including 19 reports of psychological issues, 16 dermal, 15 pulmonary, 14 neurological, and even one dental issue.

“My 10 year old daughter has had complete mental breakdowns from wearing a mask – to where she cries, yells and screams about how terrible her life is,” laments a Bucks County, PA parent. “Just the SIGHT of the mask will now put her into a tailspin. It’s coming to the point where she’s avoiding the activity she loves the most – dance – all because she has to wear a mask. It’s extremely difficult to breathe while dancing in a mask; especially after already wearing it for 6 hours at school!”

The most aggravating element of this growing problem for children across the nation, according to Wood, is that mask policies for children are almost wholly unnecessary.

“Every leading infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist has admitted that the Coronavirus has almost no effect whatsoever on young children, from becoming infected to spreading the virus to adults. People over the age of 70 with underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable, but for some reason, the government thinks it’s good policy to make healthy children pay the price for it.”

CFFS is encouraging all parents, guardians, teachers, coaches and others who have witnessed, through first-hand accounts, the physical or emotional trauma endured by children in their care, to share these incidents on the CFFS-linked website,

“Public awareness is our only avenue to correcting the severe health crisis being forced upon our children,” Wood said. “Our kids need us.”



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