Activists Cook, Vaughn write letters to free political prisoner Adrian Heath

Political activist Kelli Cook.

May 1, 2017

Dear Members of the parole board my name is Kelli Cook and I am writing on behalf of my dear friend, Adrian David Heath SID Number: 50020998   TDCJ Number: 02125819

I have known Adrian Heath for 8 years. I supported him and helped him gather signatures to be placed on the ballot to run for County Judge. I had never done this for another candidate before or since. I was so impressed with Mr. Heath’s integrity and knowledge of government and his passion for the constitution that I felt inspired to help him. I have been an ardent supporter ever since.

His quest to clean up county government never faltered, even though he didn’t win the race for county judge. He did participate in replacing incumbents of the rogue board of the Woodland’s Road Utility District that was incurring debt, and levying taxes but not been holding elections. He and the other newly elected board members believed they were going about the election process within the confines of state law according to their understanding and the local election office and the secretary of state’s advice. Special purpose districts use temporary voters on a regular basis without any one being prosecuted for illegal voting. Adrian would never knowingly break the law. He has no prior convictions. He has the utmost respect and admiration for our constitutional rights and the rule of law.

Where he went wrong was underestimating the ire of the powerful politically connected people that were unseated temporarily on the Woodland’s Road Utility Board. He misjudged the double standard applied for special purpose districts that allow a temporary residents for voting purposes. The ousted incumbents had the election overturned and their seats were handed back to them. No harm, no foul. Adrian Heath and others that intended to restore taxation with representation to the board have been taught a lesson. He has been made an example of. He has suffered financially, he’s been demoralized, he has been separated from his beloved family, his voting rights have been taken and he will never be allowed to run for office again. He has been branded a felon. This is punishment enough for a man of his stature. He is currently a being held as a political prisoner.

Special purpose districts in Montgomery County move in temporary voters every election cycle to pass millions of dollars’ worth of bonds without illegal voting prosecution. This is standard practice. They do not get prison sentences, they get tax payer backed loans. Adrian being prosecuted is a clear case of selective prosecution.

Adrian Heath is not a danger to fellow citizens or society. He is admired by many in Montgomery County. We want him placed back in our community, we consider him a great asset. Keeping him locked up is a waste of tax payer’s money. He has a wife and 2 adult employed offspring at home, in a house which he paid for, who are willing to help support him until he can find a way to get back on his feet financially.

He has a huge support base, many of whom are elected party officials, law enforcement, former state representatives, local pastors, members of the press and community leaders of all walks of life that share his desire to see integrity and public trust restored in local government. Your decision to do the right thing would be a great start. Please consider releasing Adrian Heath as soon as possible.

Kelli A. Cook

Friend and fellow resident of Montgomery County, Texas


Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

Huntsville Board Office

1300 11th St., Suite 520
Huntsville, TX 77340

Reference: SID number: 50020998; TDCJ number: 02125819; Name: Heath, Adrian David; Unit: Holliday

Dear Members of the Parole Board:

My name is Julie Vaughn. I am writing on behalf of my friend Adrian Heath (SID number 50020998; TDCJ number 02125819).

I have lived in Montgomery County for more than 4 years. During this time, I have done block-walking and phone-banking for local candidates for office, have been a delegate to two conventions of the Republican Party of Texas, and have participated in meetings and events of the Montgomery County Tea Party (MCTP). In fact, it was at an MCTP meeting that I first met Adrian Heath and learned of his case. I did not hear all the details at the time, but I heard enough to initiate an earnest prayer for Adrian on the spot with those present at that meeting.

As a professional proposal manager and writer for government contractors, I am intimately familiar with the importance of complying with government regulations and instructions. It is clear from Adrian’s words and actions that he likewise recognizes and respects that importance. He is an avid supporter of the U.S. Constitution as well as the rule of law in our nation, state, county, and local municipalities. I also know from my interaction with Adrian that he is a devoted husband and father who wants to provide the best for his family.

Adrian’s passion for lawful and ethical governance is at the crux of his case. As I conducted some in-depth research into the case last year, I found the facts to be alarming. In essence, Adrian has been incarcerated for attempting to give his fellow community members more say in how their hard-earned income, in the form of tax dollars, was being managed by a local governing body, specifically Road Utility District (RUD) #1. Upon learning that RUD #1 had taken on massive debt, Adrian sought information on RUD elections in hopes of becoming a RUD board member to have a voice in such important fiscal matters. In contacting the attorney for the RUD, he found that no RUD board elections had been held in nearly a decade, supposedly because no registered voters resided in the district. Yet after Adrian’s inquiry, the attorney suddenly located two registered voters, and the RUD decided to hold a board election. Considering a run for one of the contested RUD board positions, Adrian carefully researched Texas election law and sought counsel from the Elections Division of the Texas Secretary of State before registering as a RUD resident to both vote and run in the election. If he had had any doubts as to the legality of his actions, he simply would not have performed them.

What’s most disturbing about Adrian’s case is how aggressively the felony illegal voting charge was pursued and how severe his sentence is. Adrian sought counsel from government and legal sources well before the RUD board election, and that counsel convinced him his actions were within the law. When the election results were overturned in the initial civil case, successfully blocking Adrian’s attempt to have a say on the RUD board, the case should have ended right there. Yet Adrian was pursued almost with a vengeance when RUD #1 attorneys sought criminal charges.

I earnestly implore you to carefully, prayerfully consider the plight of my friend, Adrian Heath. Adrian is a hard-working and loving husband and father whose incarceration has prevented him from being with his family and being able to provide for them. He is an honorable man and an engaged citizen who holds dear both the high ideals and the just and ethical application of the Constitution and the rule of law. Please give your favorable consideration to his case.


Julie Vaughn

Montgomery, Texas





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