About Us

Our Approach

We seek breaking news stories that will assist readers in knowing what is actually happening in our community, Montgomery County, Texas. This newspaper is not a public service announcement seeking to present the best face of government. We strive to bring you what’s actually happening in politics, business, the community, sports, arts, and entertainment.

Our Story

The Golden Hammer seeks to bring the truth to light. In June, 2016, our founder and publisher Eric Yollick sought to reduce government spending in the Montgomery County government to reform that monster. He observed that other so-called newspaper were neither mainstream nor news. They were far-left rationalizers of government growth and corruption. This newspaper is a tool to bring that reform to reality.

Meet the Team

Eric Yollick

Founder & Publisher

Eric Yollick is a private citizen. He was born in a private hospital in Dallas. He attended private schools (except for first, second, and part of third grade when he erred). At the age of 6, he became a taxpayer and has continued to pay a lot of taxes ever since that time, because local, state, and federal governments never relented, even around the holidays. He’s voted in every election and come to realize that people who run for public office often lie and make false promises. Yollick has not and does not accept funds or services from the government. He’s embarrassed when he enters air-conditioned or heated government buildings and utilizes some of the government-treated air within them. Yollick works for a living so that he can pay taxes to all of the governments that take taxes. He and his wife live in an unincorporated area of Montgomery County, Texas, one of the most out-of-control county governments with respect to spending-and-taxing in America. He has read John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Robert Nozick, and actually believes what they wrote.


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