A Week of Tribute to Activism, Part 3: Republican Legislative Priorities Committee churns out great work for all Texans to benefit

A Week of Tribute to Activism, Part 3: Republican Legislative Priorities Committee churns out great work for all Texans to benefit

Image: The great Ashley Burke of Willis served as one of the thirty-one volunteers who spent a week working on the Republican Party of Texas 2022 Legislative Priorities Committee.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Houston and Willis, June 22 – What has clearly become the greatest influence of each Republican Party of Texas Convention is the work of the so-called “Legislative Priorities Committee.” The Legislative Priorities are a shorthand version of what the more than five thousand delegates of the Republican Party want their elected legislators to do in Austin during each biennial legislative session.

The 88th Texas Legislature will convene on January 11, 2023. Therefore, the Legislative Priorities, which came out of the biennial convention, are vitally important and have enormous impact on what the legislators actually do, especially because Republicans control the majority in each house of the Texas Legislature and hold the Lieutenant Governor’s seat as well.

“It was an honor for me to get to serve as a member of the Legislative Priorities Committee,” said Ashley Burke, the Senatorial District 4 Representative, whom the Caucus Delegates resoundingly elected to represent them. Burke is a longtime Republican Precinct Chair, who has managed several successful legislative campaigns, and worked as a lobbyist (both paid and unpaid) in Austin.

“Legislative Priorities Chairman Nathan Macias was a superb leader for out vitally important committee,” Burke explained. “All thirty-one of the Senatorial District representatives worked hard and produced terrific results, which clearly made all of the Republican Party Delegates proud of the Convention’s accomplishments.”

The Legislative Priorities Committee members came to Houston on their own dime, paying for transportation, meals, and hotels. They met for six (6) days in meetings which lasted until late into the night. They heard testimony from Convention Delegates as well as from elected officials. Senator Bob Hall, the conservative Republican scion from Rockwall, attended several Legislative Priorities Committee meetings to urge the Committee to include protecting Texas’ electric grid as a high priority.

The Legislative Priorities have become vitally important and influential, because the State Republican Party Platform has become far too long and far too detailed to have influence as a usable document for Texas Republicans. The Priorities have become an important shortened version of the Platform, which is easily readable and comprehensible.

The Legislative Priorities top ten Priorities were:

#1 Protect Our Elections

#2 Ban Democrat Chairs (in the Texas Legislature to end the practice of appointing Democrats to head committees, even though the Republicans are the majority party)

#3 Abolish Abortion in Texas

#4 Protect the Electric Grid

#5 Ban Gender Modification of Children

#6 Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying (a vital point, because it is the reason most of Republicans’ legislative priorities don’t otherwise pass the Legislature)

#7 Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids

#8 Secure the Border and Protect Texans

#9 Eliminate Property Tax

#10 Educational Freedom and Parental Rights.

The full Convention voted on the recommended Priorities. The Party has not yet published the tabulated results.



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