A stern message to Mark Keough, Steve Toth, James Noack, and 575,000 of our closest friends: Oprah’s coming and you better act now

A stern message to Mark Keough, Steve Toth, James Noack, and 575,000 of our closest friends: Oprah’s coming and you better act now

Image: If the democrats are smart, Oprah Winfrey will be their 2020 Presidential nominee.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Mark Keough, Steve Toth, James Noack, and citizens of Montgomery County, Oprah Winfrey is coming and you better act now!

If there’s anything that has harmed conservatism – the idea that we all benefit and gain freedom from smaller government spending less money and taking less of our money from taxes – it has been the Republican Party, especially since January 1, 1995. Since 1964, the Republican Party has promised that if it were to gain the levers of government, its elected servants would work to restore freedom and liberty by making government significantly smaller in the form of less spending, lower taxes, and less regulation.

Let’s examine the last few years. The Republicans have controlled all five seats on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court since 1995 yet the rate of spending has grown faster than almost any other government in the entire United States. When District Judge Phil Grant conducted some fact-finding to prepare for the Board of District Judges meeting to determine whether the Board should retain Montgomery County Auditor Phyllis Martin, he discovered the reputation of Montgomery County in a discussion he had with the Denton County Auditor, James Wells, CPA. Grant explained on September 14, “If your governing philosophy at the County level is to keep it lean, then the Auditor’s Office can be leaner. With the more expansive philosophy of our County Commissioners Court, then more is required of our County Auditor.” Judge Grant said, “It was an interesting conversation [with the Denton County Auditor.] He has 15 employees with 16 coming for the next fiscal year [compared to Montgomery County’s 25 in the Auditor’s Office.]”

Montgomery County has wasted massive citizen funds on a failing and pointless airport, a salaries explosion, hiring of unnecessary employees to balloon the County government payroll to a whopping 57.4% of the County budget, nepotism (Riley hires his wife, nephew, and now another family member; Meador hires his brother and grand-daughter, Doyal hires his daughter), conflicts of interest as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon (County vendors such as Halff Associates or Fairway Construction “grease the skids” with campaign contributions and receive a giant and almost immediate payback in County contracts), unpopular and unnecessary tollroads, money-losing convention centers, fallow community buildings, allowing Commissioners and Justices of the Peace to hire enormous public relations teams, and a complete lack of spending oversight.

In as conservative a community as there is in Montgomery County, we have taxing entities, such as the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, school districts, municipal utility districts, the San Jacinto River Authority, the Montgomery County Hospital District, and all sorts of other little government entities which make Montgomery County feel more like FDR’s “New Deal” than a place with great natural beauty, successful private real estate development, and a bedrock conservative population.

Meanwhile, the Texas State government has done the same, even though during the 85th Legislature, Republicans controlled the Governor’s Mansion, and almost two-thirds of both the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives. Unbelievably, the Republican legislators were unable to reduce state government spending. They passed a budget that actually grew spending.

Republicans have controlled both the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate, and the White House during the past two years but have failed to fulfill their promises to reduce the size of government. United States Congressman Kevin Brady not only votes for those omnibus appropriations bills, he has served as part of the Congressional leadership which sponsors those horrific pieces of legislation. Brady’s weak defense has been to blame the minority leaders in Congress – crazed liberals Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who didn’t control the majority of votes like Brady and Republican Speaker Paul Ryan – for somehow causing the continued overspending.

What will the democrats do if they’re smart?

If the democrats are smart, here’s what you’ll see in 2020. On the national level, they’ll nominate a candidate with nuclear star power. Her name is Oprah Winfrey, a brilliant business lady and entertainer who can already fill stadiums when she comes to a town. She’ll attract women and African-American voters to the polls at levels about which B. Hussein Obama only dreamed. If her running mate is Julian Castro, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and San Antonio Mayor, democrats will have their dream ticket.

On a local level, people such as ultra-liberal Jay Stittleburg, who garnered only 25% in his democrat race for Montgomery County Judge, will continue to press forward. Stittleburg will set his sights on the Texas House of Representatives with a run against Cecil Bell. Stittleburg will change his Facebook page from “Stittleburg for Judge” to something like “Stittleburg for Texas.”

Guess what? Stittleburg has already done that!

Ultraliberal democrat Jay Stittleburg, who lost his race for Montgomery County Judge as a democrat in an embarrassing 25-75 landslide, is already running for another office in changing his Facebook page name to “Stittleburg for Texas” earlier this week.

If Robert Francis O’Rourke could come within a hare’s breath of beating popular Ted Cruz, the United States Senator from Texas with the second-strongest conservative voting record in the entire United States Congress, then with a strong national ticket at the top, such as Winfrey-Castro, there might be an enormous down ballot earthquake in elections nationwide.

In Montgomery County, Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack probably needs to watch out more than anyone else. He’s moved a long way towards losing his base, because his voting record on the Commissioners Court is downright liberal. Lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal drew Noack into a deep hole. He’ll run for re-election in Precinct 3 where the democrats have the best organization. A record of giving himself a salary raise while voting for increased spending and higher taxes on the Commissioners Court will not do much to help Noack defeat a democrat in the 2020 General Election. (Every time Noack “thanks” people such as tollroad vendors, County employees asking for $15 million ERP expenditures, or anti-citizen grants administrator Joanne Ducharme for “doing a great job” in the Commissioners Court, he may as well directly kick conservative leaders such as Kelli Cook, Dr. Julie Turner, or Graham Skea directly in the stomach.)

And don’t think for a minute that the Riley PAC (“Republican Voters of Texas PAC”), which Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and his campaign manager Kristin Nichole created and which already has established strong ties to democrats and even campaigned for Stittleburg in his campaign for Montgomery County Judge, doesn’t intend to oppose Noack, State Representative Toth, and District Attorney Brett Ligon at every turn during the 2020 election. Riley allies Ritzy Fletcher, President of the Riley PAC, and James Nelson openly campaigned for democrats at times during the 2018 General Election.

What can Republicans do?!

Republicans have had a long time to deliver on the fundamental promise of modern conservatism: if you reduce government spending and taxation, you create jobs and a robust free society. Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona) made that clear when he published The Conscience of a Conservative in 1960.

The Fundamental Promise of Modern Conservatism: If You Reduce Government Spending And Taxation, You Create Jobs And A Robust Free Society.

Instead of delivering on that fundamental promise, however, Republicans fell into the hole of FDR’s “New Deal.” Riley and Noack raise taxes and spending to “give” us airports, community centers, and high salaried employees. Texas Republican legislators continue to raise spending on all of the government programs democrats created during the 1970s and 1980s when democrats still controlled the Legislature. And then there’s Congress…

It’s time for Republicans at the local, state, and national levels to deliver on The Fundamental Promise of Modern Conservatism:

  • In Conroe, the Republican Commissioners Court better reduce spending and the activities of the corrupt Montgomery County government as fast as possible. If they don’t put a Code of Ethics in place with serious enforcement teeth, we’ll begin to see democrats on the Commissioners Court very soon.
  • In Austin, the Republicans who control the Texas Legislature better (1) enact comprehensive statewide property tax reform, (2) reduce state government spending, (3) end taxpayers funded lobbying to put the Texas Municipal League, Texas Association of Counties, and the scores of other lobbyists who receive payment from our taxes out of business, and (4) enact Constitutional Carry, which Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, the District of Columbia (!), Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Puerto Rico (!), Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming already have, as quickly as possible.
  • In Washington, fight the democrat-controlled House of Representative at every turn. When they impeach President Donald Trump, the Senate should hold a trial in accordance with the Constitution and then acquit him. When they pass massive appropriations bills in the House, the Senate should reduce spending in their appropriations bills and allow the conference committees to fight for months while even allowing the government to shut down, if necessary.

The sooner Republicans fulfill The Fundamental Promise of Modern Conservatism will be the sooner that Republicans and conservatives have shored up their bulwarks against the liberal onslaught the democrats intend to bring down on Americans in 2020.

It’s up to the citizens to stay on top of Keough, Toth, Noack, and other elected servants to ensure they fulfill The Fundamental Promise of Modern Conservatism. Citizens can’t just sit on the couch and watch, because that’s the certain ticket to losing our freedom (or what’s left of it.)

If, however, Republicans fail to fulfill those promises immediately, if they fail finally to fulfill The Fundamental Promise of Modern Conservatism, then everyone should watch out! Oprah Winfrey, Julian Castro, and Jay Stittleburg are ready to take our nation and our freedom away from us.








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