A Question About Sexual Harassment, Al Franken, and James Metts

United States Senator Al Franken will announce his resignation on Thursday, December 7, 2017, as a result of sexual harassment allegations against him.

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, United States Senator Al Franken, democrat of Minnesota, will resign from the Senate as a result of the sexual harassment allegations against him. Almost all of the sexual harassment of women occurred before Franken began serving as a Senator.

Question: When Franken announces his resignation do you expect that a large group of Senators will stand with him on the podium to show support for him?

Obvious answer: Of course not. Senators from both political parties – Republicans and democrats – have been sharply critical of Franken’s conduct. When someone has to answer for such conduct, people don’t stand with that person, because doing so would be a show of support.

Next Question: Montgomery County JP James Metts has shown no remorse whatsoever for his sexual harassment and wrongful termination of County employee Delonna Snow who refused Metts’ sexual advances inside of Metts’ County office, according to findings by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Montgomery County taxpayers had to pay Snow $45,000 to settle the lawsuit she brought as a result of Metts’ sexual misconduct.

Instead of resigning, as he obviously should, Metts is actually going to announce on Saturday, December 9, that he’s seeking higher office. When he makes that announcement that he’s going to run against incumbent Republican County Commissioner Jim Clark, a  number of people will be standing with the sexual harasser Metts: Constable Ryan Gable, Sheriff Rand Henderson, Constable Rowdy Hayden, Wayne Mack, former Sheriff Tommy Gage, and former County Commissioner Ed Rinehart. At least three of those people have engaged in sexual misconduct themselves.

Why are Gable, Henderson, Hayden, Mack, Gage, and Rinehart celebrating Metts’ sexual misconduct by standing with him as he seeks higher office? Why aren’t they standing with Franken as he announces his resignation for sexual misconduct? Do Gable, Henderson, Hayden, Mack, Gage, and Rinehart believe they should publicly condone sexual harassment by standing with a public embarrassment as he announces he’s seeking higher office?



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