A Personal Note from The Golden Hammer’s Editor-in-Chief Eric Yollick

457th District Judge Vince Santini.

Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Hammer

One year ago today, Vince Santini won the Republican Runoff Election. The next day, Governor Greg Abbott appointed him as the Judge of the 457th District Court. He beat me in the Runoff Election.

Since that time, Judge Santini has been a wonderful District Judge. He is an extraordinarily hard worker. He’s smart. He’s a quick study and a fast learner.

Most importantly, he seems really to love his job. He has assembled a truly wonderful staff in his Court. They’re nice, filled with good humor, and genuinely loving towards the public and towards the attorneys who practice law in front of the Court. Judge Santini’s temperament exemplifies precisely what a Judge should be. Hopefully, the years he serves the citizens of Montgomery County and of Texas won’t wear away Santini’s truly kind and thoughtful treatment of the people who come into his Courtroom.

The citizens of Montgomery County won big on July 14, 2020. They elected one of the finest District Judges in Texas.

I won big that day as well. I met with my friend Steve Toth during the early summer of 2019. Steve told me that I seemed happier than he had ever seen me. I told him that I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: running an online newspaper. We both laughed and enjoyed our meal. Through Vince Santini winning that election, I’ve had the opportunity to come back to my greatest love, running The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, and I’m also starting to enjoy greatly working with Bill Brenza and Billy Graff at MCPLive.TV on my show “It’s Hammer Time.” We don’t hold back in our criticism of government and of government officials. We’re doing some new things, and I’m loving my job. (I also truly love my day job as a real estate and business litigation attorney. The law is wonderful and fun. It’s a different adventure every day. I love my office in downtown Conroe. I wish I had moved to Conroe 20 years ago.) There’s a lot to be said for having fun every day in your life.

Do I regret throwing that egg at Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough’s car on March 27, 2020? No. Absolutely not. It was the right thing to do. It helped to send a message to Mark which he needed, even though he clearly lacked the maturity to process that message appropriately. Mark and I were close friends. He needed to understand how severe and genuinely horrific was his “about-face” when he followed Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s lead and mandated business shutdowns and church shutdowns – in violation of Texas law and the Constitution. Mark seems to have learned that lesson, because he now claims that he’s against those very mandates he authored and which destroyed so many lives and the ability of many to worship in their churches. Mark has a lot of personal problems, which, unfortunately, are continuing to interfere with his ability to serve as a reform County Judge. Although Mark chose to stop being my friend and abused his position as my pastor, my heart goes out to him. I hope he finds inner peace. I hope he’ll look back on the message I sent him on March 27, and I hope he continues to learn from it. With the free agency the Lord has given us, our opportunities for personal redemption never cease. I know I have a lot of improvement necessary as well.

Today is Bastille Day, when the French Revolution began in 1789. It was a great beginning. The French nation celebrates every year on July 14.

Judge Santini, the great people of Montgomery County, and I have a lot to celebrate as well.




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