Redux: It’s Good To Be The King: Craig’s Doyal’s $110,000 House (With His Immediate Next Door Neighbor’s Home Valued At $596,000)

Redux: It’s Good To Be The King: Craig’s Doyal’s $110,000 House (With His Immediate Next Door Neighbor’s Home Valued At $596,000)

Image: The brand new home of Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal has a proposed Montgomery Central Appraisal District valuation of $110,130. His immediate next door neighbor’s home somehow has a valuation of $596,000.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The most popular article in the seven month history of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, ran on April 19, 2017, about Craig Doyal’s new home. The article itself has an amazing story, because Doyal’s “establishment” defenders attempted to protect him in comments on social media throughout the day by arguing that Doyal’s appraisal was accurate, because his home was incomplete on January 1, 2017, a false statement! Doyal and his wife moved into the complete home several months before the beginning of the year. But then, amazingly, the next day, April 20, 2017, someone inside the Montgomery Central raised Doyal’s property tax appraisal value to a value close to the correct amount. In other words, Doyal and the MCAD (Charlie Riley, Mike Meador, Ed Chance, Bruce Tough, and Tom Cox are the MCAD board members) knew about the incorrect appraisal but sought to protect the “King” anyway! That is, until this newspaper brought the truth out. Please see “BREAKING NEWS! MCAD Miraculously ‘Re-Appraises’ Doyal’s New Home At $573,020!!!!!!! Will Doyal Now Consider Reducing County Spending, Since He’s Got To Pay Taxes On His Home Just Like The Rest Of Us?!” (The Golden Hammer, April 20, 2017). The headline contained some wishful thinking…

Conroe, April 19 – It’s good to be the king. Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal moved into a brand new home during the autumn of 2016. It’s valued at $110,130. His immediate next door neighbor’s home somehow has a valuation of $596,000.

Doyal’s home is in the posh neighborhood of Blue Heron Bay. His and Mrs. Doyal’s home is on Lake Conroe. They have a gigantic swimming pool in the back of the house between the home and the lake. It’s even got a swank mailbox that matches the home quite nicely.

In 2016, the Montgomery Central Appraisal District (MCAD) valued the Doyal property at $110,130. Doyal threatened to resign as County Judge last summer when he was suspended without pay for a few weeks, because Doyal and Mrs. Doyal were on the verge of closing their permanent financing for their new home.

MCAD sets the values for real property in Montgomery County as of January 1, 2017. That means that MCAD’s proposed valuation of Doyal’s home reflected its condition on January 1, 2017, which means that he can’t claim the home was under construction and, therefore, merited a lower than full valuation. The Doyals had already moved into the home by January 1.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of families throughout Montgomery County are experiencing shocks when they go to the mailbox, open their Notice of Proposed Value from MCAD, and discover that Doyal’s and the Commissioners Court’s real tax increases come through the MCAD.

Remember that the Commissioners Court controls the MCAD, because MCAD’s five-member board is:

  • Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley
  • Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador
  • former Precinct 3 County Commissioner Ed Chance
  • “Establishment” pal and former Woodlands Township board member Bruce Tough
  • “Establishment” homebuilder Tom Cox, a long time friend of several members of the Commissioners Court.

Let’s be fair to the King. He owns a second house that he’s currently trying to sell. That house is empty, as the photographs of it show. King Doyal and his MCAD dukes have pulled a fast one on that house as well. Doyal is listing that home for sale for $75,170 more than MCAD has appraised that house.

So while the citizens of Montgomery County are suffering these massive tax increases through so-called proposed property valuations, King Craig Doyal is enjoying his Swank New Home On The Lake while paying real property taxes for a valuation of


No wonder Doyal doesn’t care about controlling County government spending. It’s good to be the king.




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