Redux: State Representative Metcalf’s Home Tax Appraisal Raises Troubling MCAD Questions

Redux: State Representative Metcalf’s Home Tax Appraisal Raises Troubling MCAD Questions

Image: State Representative Will Metcalf’s (R-Conroe) house is for sale for $2,950,000, but on the Montgomery tax appraisal rolls at $405,950. The house itself is appraised at only $70.76 per square foot, one of the lowest square foot rates for any home in the entire County.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This article, which ran on May 28, 2017, is the second most popular article The Golden Hammer ever published. People are correctly angry about the Montgomery Central Appraisal District and its policies which Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador, former Precinct 3 County Commissioner Ed Chance, former Woodlands Township Board Chairman Bruce Tough, and homebuilder Tom Cox have set as its board.

Montgomery and Conroe, May 28 – As Montgomery County citizens are fighting for their hard-earned dollars as we approach the Montgomery Central Appraisal District’s (MCAD) May 31, 2017, deadline to file a formal tax appraisal protest, the appraisal of State Representative Will Metcalf’s (R-Conroe) massive home and surrounding property raises troubling questions. Specifically, since Metcalf is selling the home at a list price of $2,950,000, why does the property appear on the MCAD appraisal rolls at $405,950?

Metcalf certainly does have close political ties to Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador, and former Precinct 3 County Commissioner Ed Chance, who comprise three of the five members of the Board of Directors of MCAD. Metcalf’s home may be the worst example of the political nature of MCAD’s tax appraisals, other than the tax appraisal of County Judge Craig Doyal’s palatial lakefront home that sat on the tax rolls at $110,000, until The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, reported the story “It’s Really, Really Good To Be King: Not Only Does Craig Doyal’s House Get A $110,000 Appraisal, But The ‘Yes Men’ And ‘Yes Women’ Genuflect To The ‘Royal Doyal.’” April 20, 2017. The next day after this newspaper reported the story, MCAD raised Doyal’s tax appraisal to a more appropriate $573,020 tax appraisal! (Please see “BREAKING NEWS! MCAD Miraculously ‘Re-Appraises’ Doyal’s New Home at $573,020!!!!!!! Will Doyal Now Consider Reducing County Spending, Since He’s Got To Pay Taxes On His Home Just Like The Rest Of Us?!”

County Judge Craig Doyal’s infamous and palatial house that stood on MCAD’s tax appraisal rolls at $110,000, until The Golden Hammer reported the story on April 20, 2017.

The Metcalf property is beautiful and clearly worth a lot more than $405,950

The MCAD tax appraisal for Representative Metcalf’s home is $405,950. That’s what the appraisal was for 2016 as well. Don’t worry. Representative Metcalf’s home appraisal did not increase (or decrease) in value in 2017. MCAD lists the home as 5,482 square feet. The MCAD value of the improvements is $387,950. That means the house value is $70.76 per square foot. Metcalf’s house construction was complete in 2015.

Now, let’s take the example of poor Dennis Hudgens who along with his wife Jackie lives in a 20 year old home outside of Willis. Their home is 1,530 square feet. Nevertheless, Riley, Meador, and the MCAD bunch have appraised the Hudgens house at $142,010 (without the land), or at a rate of $92.81 per square foot. Here’s a photograph of the $92.81 per square foot Hudgens home. (How many “en suites” would you guess it has?!) By the way, the Hudgens house has no access to a paved road. Metcalf, you may recall, has a circular driveway up to his home from F.M. 1097.

The Hudgens home in Willis, which MCAD appraised at $92.81 per square foot.

Metcalf ought to be very proud of his home. It’s quite beautiful. Here it is.

The Metcalfe property: details

In his $2,950,000 listing for his home, recently reduced in price by $249,900, from over $3 million, Representative Metcalf describes his beautiful palace as follows:

Lot   31.71 acres

Year Built 2015

Type Single Family


“Uniquely American Colonial Revival custom home situated on 31+ acres in Montgomery. This private estate commands attention at first glance. Designed for entertainment; no detail was denied or overlooked from the stunning foyer w/parlor to the Den w/cathedral ceilings, exposed beams & 2-story brick FP. Upscale kitchen w/polish quartz island, Thermador appliance package & fully equipped bar. 5-star Master Suite will awe & please. 3 guest rooms w/en suites, game room + flex room.”

If MCAD had bothered to look at the Metcalf home, rather than following the political path, they would have enjoyed the stunning amenities, just as Representative Metcalf has described.

Representative Metcalf’s stunning kitchen. (Does the Hudgens home in Willis have a kitchen like that?!)
Representative Metcalf’s amazing master bedroom in his $2.95 million home. (Is this pic one of those en suites?)

The bottom line is that Representative Metcalf, as a member of the vaunted political class, obviously enjoys great wealth and power. As his lowly constituents, we should be very proud of our leader. It’s a shame, however, that he doesn’t pay property taxes like the rest of us. Perhaps, then he’d work a bit harder to pass Senate Bill 2 and come home and help to lobby the County Judge and County Commissioners Court to bring County spending down drastically once and for all.

At 1:45 p.m. this afternoon, Representative Metcalf contacted The Golden Hammer and provided the following statement (reprinted in its entirety):

“The Montgomery County Appraisal District assesses Rep. Will Metcalf’s property in the same way it does every other property in the county, using the Marshall and Swift appraisal practices, which is also used by other counties in Texas.

“The per square foot appraisal of his home is impacted by the overall size of his house, For example, the same type of construction with a smaller square footage would appraise at a higher per square foot price. Will Metcalf’s homestead is on 1.5 acres with a market value of $18,000. The market value for his improvements (5,482 sq ft) is $387,950, which is $70.76 per sq ft. The total market value is $405,950. There is also a homestead exemption on this property.

“The value of Will Metcalf’s land dedicated for agricultural use is impacted by the type of pasture, whether improved or unimproved. He has unimproved pasture, and someone with an improved pasture would have a higher value on their property. He has 30.21 acres of agricultural property with a market value of $362,520. There is an agricultural use exemption on this property, where he runs Brangus cattle, and the property’s assessed value/agricultural use is $1,720.

“Will Metcalf’s property values should be compared to other properties in the neighborhood and similar properties for a true comparison. For example, there are many building attributes, such as types and grades of building materials used, interior upgrades, pools, and out buildings, that are factored into the appraisal.

“Will Metcalf is currently attempting to sell his homestead and agricultural property at an asking price of $2,950,000. It is typical for the assessed value for tax purposes to differ from the eventual sales price, and even more so, the original asking price.”




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