Ain’t it fun to reminisce? 4 Happy Democrats: Craig Doyal and friends…in simpler times…

Ain’t it fun to reminisce? 4 Happy Democrats: Craig Doyal and friends…in simpler times…

Image: Four candidates running in the Democratic Primary Election for Montgomery County Commissioner, Precinct 2, in 1986. From right to left, Democrat Craig Doyal, Democrat Henry Harris, Democrat Bob Buchanan, and Democrat Malcolm Purvis.

Magnolia, April 23 – It’s fun to reminisce by looking at old photographs of times gone by. I remember when life seemed so much simpler.

Back in the olden days, it seemed like people were what they said they were. One Thursday night, the last powerful Democratic Party politician in Montgomery County, Precinct 2 Commissioner Malcolm Purvis, came before the Candidates Committee of the County Republican Party and announced that he and his Operations Manager, Craig Doyal, were switching parties, “because I [Purvis] want to win re-election.” The year was 1986. Ronald Reagan was President. But there were some Democrats left in Montgomery County.

Back then, at least Purvis and Doyal were honest. Purvis was a Democrat. Doyal was (is) a Democrat. But they decided to run in the Republican Party in order to get elected. They were honest. Purvis always admitted that “I’ll always be a Democrat at heart.” His Operations Manager nodded his head in agreement.

Ya see, Democrats believe that government is the solution to every problem. They want more government spending and will look for every excuse they can find to get our tax dollars into the hands of government, because, they believe, government can provide solutions to every problem.

Republicans have a different point of view. Traditionally, Republicans believe in the Constitutional limitations of our Founding Fathers. As the Republican Party has progressed at least during the post-war era (1945 ’til now), Republicans believe government is the last resort for solving a problem.

But, as Bob Dylan warned, “the times they are a-changin’…”

Wasn’t Craig Doyal a nice young man when he was running for County Commissioner in the Democratic Primary Election?



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