Seth, GOP electoral challenger of Speaker Bonnen, electrifies Republican Party Rally

Seth, GOP electoral challenger of Speaker Bonnen, electrifies Republican Party Rally

Image: Rhonda Seth, candidate for the Republican nomination for State Representative, District 25 (left), and renowned Montgomery County conservative Republican leader Jon Bouche (right). Seth attended a Keep Texas Red Townhall and Rally in The Woodlands on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Montgomery County, August 11 – The Republican Party’s Victory 2020 Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Dale Inman and Co-Chair Kelli Cook, hosted a “Keep Texas Red Townhall and Rally” in The Woodlands on Saturday, August 10, 2019, with Republican Party of Texas Vice Chair Alma Jackson of San Antonio and Joseph Vargas, Editor and Founder of Keep Texas Red. While Jackson and Vargas were the featured speakers, the presence of Rhonda Seth, an emergency room nurse from Lake Jackson, electrified the event. Renowned conservative Republican leader Jon Bouche also spoke at the event, while Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed attended.

Vargas focused his talk on how to combat the “political correctness” weapon which ultraliberals use to try to attack political opponents on a personal level while trying to appear righteous.

Jackson’s discussion was very practical. Jackson admitted that she originally did not support Donald Trump when he ran for President. “When President Trump was running, I didn’t like him. I was afraid of him. Now, I thank God he’s our President,” Jackson told the crowd of conservative Republican activists (as well as Marisa Rummel).

Jackson discussed the difference between socialist governments similar to what the Montgomery County democrat Party espouses and governments which follow the United States Constitution. “Look at Venezuela, a socialist government. Hugo Chavez destroyed that nation. Then his daughter fled with $10 million. That’s how socialist governments work.”

Jackson, the second in command of the Republican Party of Texas behind extraordinarily accomplished and popular State Republican Chairman James Dickey, explained that President Trump has an amazing record on which he can run:

  • In June, 2019, the economy of the United States added 224,000 jobs;
  • The unemployment rate is the lowest in half a century;
  • The American economy added 17,000 manufacturing jobs in June, 2019, alone, due to President Trump’s policies to rebuild the American manufacturing sector;
  • Wages continue to rise in the United States and have done so for 11 straight months;
  • The Republican Party leadership led to historic tax cuts, record deregulation, and “much needed trade reform.”

Jackson painted a stark difference between Republican versus democrat policies:

  • Individual freedom (GOP) versus government control (democrats)
  • Low taxes (GOP) versus high taxes (democrats)
  • Protecting life (GOP) versus abortion and infanticide (democrats)
  • Traditional families (GOP) versus gay marriage (democrats)
  • Secure borders (GOP) versus open borders (democrats)
  • America First (GOP) versus globalist agenda (democrats)
  • Freedom of religion (GOP) versus freedom from religion (democrats)
  • Gun rights (GOP) versus no gun rights (democrats)
  • Free market (GOP) versus socialism (democrats).

Seth’s attendance at the event, however, had an enormous impact to motivate the Republican activists who attended. A number of individuals came to the event to meet Seth whom they had heard would attend.

Seth gave an exclusive interview to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, during the event.

“I’m an ER nurse and not a politician,” Seth said. “I have two young boys and have been busy building a career. While I’ve paid attention to politics, I decided after watching Mr. Bonnen, that I had to do something.”

Seth explained that she’s running because “I always voted and that’s not getting the job done. In the past session, we had a supermajority Republican Senate and House, and we control the Governor’s Mansion, but how many of the Republican Party’s Priorities passed? None. There’s zero excuse for that. Politics is not meant to be a career. The people of House District 25 need to elect someone who runs for the Platform, instead of someone, like Mr. Bonnen, who gets elected, does what he wants in Austin, comes home and tells us a story, and then goes back some more and does whatever he wants.”

The conservative Republican said, “I already have a career that I love. I’m not looking for a new career. I feel my running is a duty.”

When asked how she’s different from other people who enter the political arena, Seth answered, “I’m probably the only person who will run for office, who is there to weaken legislative powers and return power to the voters. Bonnen has his banks and every board member on his bank is a lobbyist. I don’t need money, power, or fame, as Mr. Bonnen does.”

This newspaper challenged Seth to explain how people will know she won’t change into one of “them” if she’s elected. “I’ve always noticed how people change. It goes to personal integrity and character. It’s important to take people with you who have same integrity and character and who are people in your district.”

Seth explained she has the financial ability to challenge Bonnen, even though his political influence has helped him to raise millions of dollars for his campaign coffers. “We’re not going to outspend him, but in the first three weeks since I announced my campaign, we did fantastically, and it’s continued.”

When confronted about her position on the Republican Party’s Legislative Priorities, Seth answered:

  • As to banning taxpayer funded lobbyists, “they’re shaking the money tree, but it’s our tree. When all your friends are lobbyists as Speaker, you’re not going to support a ban on taxpayer funded lobbying.”
  • As to Constitutional Carry, “I’m for it. Period.”
  • As to the recently enacted so-called “property tax reform,” “It was smoke and mirrors. They didn’t fix anything. I’m tired of renting the property I’ve bought. It was a lot of disingenuous back padding. Appraisals are arbitrary. I’m committed to real reform which actually lowers our property taxes.”
  • As to school finance, “I would say that throwing money at education is not necessarily going to give us the desired goal of better educated children. That’s got to start at home. We need to focus on putting God and civics and the Constitution back in our schools. House Bill 3 is not sustainable, because there is no plan to fund it after the second year, as the Legislature pulled money out of surplus.”
  • As to abortion, “I support the ‘heartbeat’ bill. I don’t believe there is a medical issue about abortion anymore. Children are children long before they leave the womb.”

Seth was born in Waynesboro, Virginia, but moved to Texas when she was about 5 months old. She grew up in Angleton and graduated from Angleton High School about 4 years after Bonnen. She attended Brazosport College and received her Nursing Associate’s Degree.

Seth and her husband have two sons, ages 3 and 6, both of whom are working on her campaign.

“I just think I’m doing this to do the right thing. I want to help the people of Texas and ask them to stand up with me. This is our race to fight the corruption and fight Bonnen who has been entrenched in the House for 22 years. We don’t need his ego any more in the House.”

After college, Seth ran a small business, teaching Taekwondo to the families of her community. While working full time, Seth achieved her goal of completing nursing school. She graduated near the top of her class as a Registered Nurse and began working as an emergency room nurse.

In 2011, Seth married her best friend of twenty years, Thomas. The Seth family currently attends Willow Drive Baptist Church and have made Lake Jackson their home.

Seth’s formal Campaign Platform follows.

Texas House of Representatives candidate Rhonda Seth’s Campaign Platform.




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