284th District Judge candidate Bays attends Empower Texans Conservative Leaders Gala in Dallas after receiving special invitation

284th District Court Judge candidate Kristin Bays of Conroe (right) met former United States Senator Jim DeMint at the Empower Texans Conservative Leaders Gala in Dallas on Saturday, December 2, 2017.

Dallas, December 9 – Empower Texans, one of Texas’ leading grassroots conservative organizations, held their Annual Conservative Leaders Gala in Dallas on December 2, 2017, and invited a special guest: 284th District Court Judge candidate Kristin Bays of Conroe. Bays drove to Dallas to participate in the event and surprised many of her friends from Montgomery County that she was there in the middle of her busy campaign for the Montgomery County judicial position.

Bays told The Golden Hammer, “Empower Texans’ Conservative Leaders Gala is a great experience, celebrating conservative Texans who work for conservative values; I wouldn’t have missed it. It was an amazing experience to see grassroots conservatives receive recognition for their work in their communities in front of Attorney General Ken Paxton, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and more than 500 conservative and Republican leaders from across the State of Texas.”

The Woodlands’ Tamara Yollick, who tolerates modern conservatives but is more of a 19th century classical liberal (like Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and Ronald Coase), said, “I was really happy to see Kristin Bays at the Gala. She’s more qualified to be a judge than any person I’ve ever met and she’s a great conservative leader. I was also happy to see a friendly face from Montgomery County.”

284th District Court candidate Bays noted, “It was exciting to be among the best of the best, who work valiantly in their own communities to improve local government.  I was especially proud that Montgomery County was so well represented among the 500+ attendees that night. I was fortunate to be among them.”

Several members of Texas’ conservative judicial community approached Bays during the Gala to congratulate her on her run for the 284th District Court, which exclusively hears civil cases, Bays’ specialty in her more than two decades of law practice. Bays is a law partner with her husband J.R. Bays in Conroe. Appellate judges in particular showed excitement over Bays’ effort to become a judge, as she is well known for so much success across Texas’ appellate courts.

Former South Carolina United States Senator Jim DeMint, the Keynote Speaker at the Gala, met with Bays during the event to discuss conservative philosophy, particularly as it applies to the manner in which trial courts handle their cases. DeMint, who served in the United States House of Representatives and Senate for a total of 15 years, now works as a consultant to several Tea Party-related organizations. He served as President of the Heritage Foundation for four years after he left the Senate.

Bays is a Founding Member of the Liberty Belles Republican Women in Montgomery County which is part of the Texas Federation of Republican Women but also holds conservative principles.

Some of the leadership of the Liberty Belles Republican Women met at Montgomery County Republican Party Headquarters in Conroe. Kristin Bays is at the far right. County Court at Law Judge Claudia Laird is wearing a blue shirt. President Stacy Buick is to the immediate left of Laird in the photograph.





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