Former Shenandoah Mayor Watts, City Council candidate Konzem to appear on “It’s Hammer Time” at noon

Former City of Shenandoah Mayor Garry Watts (center) with a couple of his golf buddies.

Montgomery County, March 22 – “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular Facebook Live and YouTube show at MCP.TV, will host former City of Shenandoah Mayor Garry Watts during the first half of the show and current City Council candidate Andrea Konzem during the second half with special Guest Interviewer Jon Bouche, the conservative hero and leader from Oak Ridge North who serves on the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District. Callers will have the opportunity to speak directly with Mayor Watts and with Konzem during the show by calling 832.990.9170 during the live presentation.

The show will air from 12 noon to 1 p.m. today, Friday, March 22, and will continue with encore presentations throughout the weekend.

To watch the show, please go to MCP.TV on Facebook or YouTube. To call in with a question, please call 832.990.9170 during the live presentation.

The theme of the show will be “All About Shenandoah, Texas, At the Center of Montgomery County, the Greatest County in the Greatest State in America.”

Watts has lived in Shenandoah for over two decades. The citizens elected him to a Shenandoah City Council seat in 2006. Watts loves knowledge and enjoys reading and studying. As a result, he received recognition statewide for completing the most continuing education credits in municipal administration in 2006. He became the Mayor of Shenandoah in 2008 and served three terms.

Watts has a strong background in insurance and finance after more than 30 years in the insurance and banking businesses. In 2002, Watts retired as a Senior Vice President of AIG/American General.

The popular former Mayor grew up in Kansas City, which is some place supposedly outside of Texas, and graduated from North Kansas City High School.

Watts and City Councilman Ted Fletcher had a disagreement in December, 2017, during a City Council meeting. Fletcher showed his fiery temper during that meeting, while Fletcher’s wife, Ritzy, tried to shout the former Mayor down during the middle of the City Council meeting. Ritzy Fletcher has developed a considerable reputation for her emotional outbursts during City Council meetings and often will not permit citizens to disagree with political positions of her husband.

Konzem is running against Fletcher in the May 4, 2019, election. She is a political neophyte who holds an Associate’s Degree and works as a legal assistant for a law firm in Conroe. Konzem has made clear she hopes to bring reform to the Shenandoah City Hall, eliminate the ad valorem property tax entirely, reduce wasteful City spending, and increase the transparency of the City to citizens.





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