Guest Writer, Mark Keough: American Exceptionalism, Does It Really Matter? Its Roots and Fruits, Part 2

MARK KEOUGH, Guest Writer.  In part 1 of our series we closed with the question; If what we believe about American Exceptionalism really does matter then how did this extraordinary concept begin? To answer this, let us first examine the origin of the phrase. For most historians, the phrase American Exceptionalism originated with the French […]

Guest Writer, State Representative Mark Keough: “American Exceptionalism: Does it really matter? Its roots and fruits.” (Part 1 of 5)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, takes it as an honor to receive a written work as scholarly and philosophical as the one we’re publishing in a 5-part series during the 4th of July. Mark Keough, who is a pastor and educational leader, is also the State Representative, District 15. He’s […]

County’s conflicts of interest “disclosures” lack transparency

Conroe, June 20 – Montgomery County’s Judge, Craig Doyal, and Commissioners have provided conflict of interest disclosures which are woefully inadequate. The disclosures, which appear under the “Transparency” tab on the County’s beleaguered website, raise more questions than provide any answers, especially with respect to Doyal. State law of conflict of interest disclosures Chapter 176 […]

Montgomery County Tea Party hosts brief forum for 2018 candidates, including Keough, Bagley, Toth

Conroe, June 7 – Although the speeches were brief, the Montgomery County Tea Party presented what looked and felt like the first candidates’ forum for the 2018 election cycle on Monday night at the Church @ 242, the organization’s usual biweekly meeting location. President Patricia Tibbs hosted the presentation that involved announced candidates Mark Keough […]

4 questions to Craig Doyal and Mark Keough about “economic development”

Conroe, June 4 – Both Craig Doyal and Mark Keough claim to (1) support “economic development, (2) be “fiscal conservatives,” and (3) be “pro-growth.” The Golden Hammer has three questions to Doyal and Keough, both of whom are running for Montgomery County Judge. #1 Has the economic development that has occurred in Montgomery County come here […]

BREAKING NEWS! State Representative Mark Keough enters County Judge race to challenge incumbent Doyal

BREAKING NEWS! Requested Clarification: Representative Keough Chief of Staff requested readers note that neither Pat Tibbs nor Bill O’Sullivan have endorsed Keough but they “support” him. Conroe, May 31 – State Representative Mark Keough (R-The Woodlands) has entered the race for Montgomery County Judge to challenge incumbent Craig Doyal in the 2018 Republican Primary Election. […]

BREAKING NEWS: Woodlands Township defers consideration of homestead exemption, opposes development of Jones State Forest

The Woodlands, April 26 – The Woodlands Township Board of Directors unanimously voted to defer consideration of a property tax homestead exemption for taxpayers in The Woodlands. The Board also voted unanimously to “oppose any development at any time of the Jones State Forest.” Homestead Exemption Several citizens, including representatives of the Montgomery County Tea […]

Rep. Keough hails passage of major transparency legislation bill to require county auditors to follow accounting standards

Austin, April 25 – State Representative Mark Keough (R-The Woodlands) hailed the passage of House Bill 1930 as “major transparency legislation that will force counties to comply with national accounting standards.” The short and simple piece of legislation requires that county auditors, such as Montgomery County Phyllis Martin, in counties with a population that exceeds […]

Breaking News: Representative Keough Suffers Minor Injuries After Accident, Seizure While Driving

Austin March 28 State Representative Mark Keough suffered minor injuries after he had seizure while driving in Austin today. Representative Keough is in good condition at St. David’s Hospital in Austin where the medical staff has determined that he should stay overnight for observation.   The Golden Hammer wishes Representative Keough a swift recovery so that […]