County Auditor Martin creates bureaucratic accounting snafu for Precinct 3 Constable Gable

Conroe, October 2 – Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable’s request to carry forward unused salary and benefit funds from his Constable Precinct 3 operating funds gave rise to quite the bureacratic snafu at the Tuesday, September 26, 2017, meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court. Fortunately, Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack suggested a solution […]

Four out of five Commissioners Court members receive “The Golden Hammer Award” for charging taxpayers millions for unspent funds

Conroe, September 14 – Leveraging the words out of the mouth of Assistant County Attorney B.D. Griffin, who will say just about whatever Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal wants him to say as a legal opinion, four members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court voted to do precisely what Griffin told them on August 22, […]

Bays to run for 284th District Court, emphasizes strong civil background, fiscal focus for District Judges

Conroe, August 12 – Kristin Bays has announced her candidacy for Judge of the 284th District Court. “I’m excited to be a part of this process, and to be the candidate who will give the people of this County a voice.” Bay explained, “The people spoke – they want specialized courts with specialized judges. The […]

District Court races are critical to the financial future of Montgomery County

Conroe, August 8 – Voters tend not to view judicial elections as important as the executive and legislative roles which the Montgomery County Judge and County Commissioners. Nevertheless, the Texas Constitution and Texas laws have placed District Judges as important overseers of County finances. For that reason, citizens who have a stake in County spending […]

Montgomery County citizens should demand, expect District Judges, Commissioners Court to reduce County Auditor’s Office Budget to Reflect Shift Of Budget Functions

Conroe, August 3 – Montgomery County citizens should demand and expect that the Board of District Judges and the Montgomery County Commissioners Court will reduce the County Auditor’s Office Budget by at least $348,176.47 to reflect the decision of the Commissioners Court to move the Auditor’s budget function to a separate “Budget Office.” At the conclusion […]

Doyal’s “budget office” proposal fraught with perils

Doyal’s “budget office” proposal fraught with perils

Image: The Budget Office of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is little more than a political tool for the government to attempt to fool the citizens into believing that the government’s officials care about their use of public funds. Sadly, Montgomery County’s “budget office” appears headed towards the same pattern. Conroe, August 2 – There […]

Board of District Judges rejects County Auditor’s request for pay raise

Conroe, July 6 – The Board of District Judges emphatically rejected County Auditor Phyllis Martin’s request for a pay raise and voted to keep her salary the same, regardless of whether every other employee in Montgomery County’s government receives a cost of living pay raise or not. The vote, which occurred during the Board’s meeting […]

County Auditor Martin left out important facts in request for salary increase to Board of District Judges

Conroe, June 29 – When Montgomery County Auditor Phyllis Martin presented a secretive memorandum to the Board of District Judges on June 26, 2017, in which she requested a raise, Martin left out some pretty critical information about her position and about her department in comparison to the other twelve County Auditors mentioned in her […]

This week’s outrage: with the Montgomery County government’s spending totally out of control, the one official who’s seeking a salary increase is none other than the Chief Budget Officer (County Auditor)!

This week’s outrage: with the Montgomery County government’s spending totally out of control, the one official who’s seeking a salary increase is none other than the Chief Budget Officer (County Auditor)!

Image: County Auditor and Chief Budget Officer Phyllis Martin. Conroe, June 27 – With Montgomery County government spending exploding out of control with a 424% increase since 2000 and with a complete failure of Montgomery County’s Auditor Department to follow generally accepted accounting principles – to the degree that 435th District Judge Patty Maginnis had […]

As Committee on Finance struggles, County Commissioners Court needs to end the County’s misery and appoint a “chief budget officer” independent of politics

Conroe, June 18 – Reports are coming out from inside the Montgomery County Courthouse that the three-member Committee on Finance is struggling. 435th District Judge Patty Maginnis appointed three full-time accountants – James Wiggins, Brenda Webb, and Landon Estay – to conduct a full examination audit of Montgomery County. Chapter 111 of the Texas Local […]

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