Guest Editorial, Gregory Parker: The Conversation Begins Now

When I relocated to Montgomery County 5 years ago, I did so knowing it was the perfect place for my wife and I. I had served my country and my community faithfully and now it was time to join the private sector. I believed that Montgomery County reflected my governing philosophy; that the role of […]

Judge Wayne Mack Calls for Reform, End to “Establishment” Demagoguery

Editor’s Note: This opinion piece from Judge Wayne Mack is excellent. He’s clearly criticizing the demagogues who are fighting against reform in the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. It seems like every time there’s a sober and serious discussion of reform, Craig Doyal tries to end the meeting with an off-agenda speech bragging about his personal accomplishments. […]

Avoid the Icebergs Pretending to be “Rising Tides”

Avoid the Icebergs Pretending to be “Rising Tides”

This community needs to recognize that the citizens must become very, very active and vigilant towards our elected officials and other leaders. County government spending has grown to massive proportions since 2000. During the last couple of years, the growth in Montgomery County spending is so out of control that it’s apparent that even our […]

Doyal Salvageable, But Only If He Listens

Conroe, January 29 – County Judge Craig Doyal is salvageable, but he faces a rough and rigorous road over which he must traverse, while acting with patience and perseverance. Mostly, he must listen. We must not give up on him. We must work to change his heart. Once upon a time, a long, long time […]

Of The Middle Path and QUANGOs

The Middle Path In all respects but one, The Golden Hammer seeks the middle path. We seek the truth, even when government officials work vociferously to hide it. This newspaper, now Montgomery County’s leading newspaper and four days away from becoming a daily online, sprang from its Publisher’s singular focus to reduce government spending and […]