Guest Writer, Mark Keough: American Exceptionalism, Does It Really Matter? Its Roots and Fruits, Part 2

MARK KEOUGH, Guest Writer.  In part 1 of our series we closed with the question; If what we believe about American Exceptionalism really does matter then how did this extraordinary concept begin? To answer this, let us first examine the origin of the phrase. For most historians, the phrase American Exceptionalism originated with the French […]

Guest Writer, State Representative Mark Keough: “American Exceptionalism: Does it really matter? Its roots and fruits.” (Part 1 of 5)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, takes it as an honor to receive a written work as scholarly and philosophical as the one we’re publishing in a 5-part series during the 4th of July. Mark Keough, who is a pastor and educational leader, is also the State Representative, District 15. He’s […]

State House candidate Steve Toth’s 4th of July Message

STEVE TOTH, Former State Representative, Fox 26 Commentator, and Candidate for State Representative. Guest Writer. The Woodlands, July 4 – Consider for a moment, for the first 5,000 years of recorded history, up through 1776, humanity knew nothing more than servitude and poverty. Mankind used blood letting for medicine and a stick and plow for agriculture. Then, […]

July 4th Patriotism from Jim Clark, Commissioner, Precinct 4

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark responded to The Golden Hammer‘s request for patriotic article with the following. Our readers have previously seen that Clark is a sincere patriot. JIM CLARK, Precinct 4 County Commissioner Happy Birthday America! I proudly fly my American flag every day with pride and honor. ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** *** […]

What’s a “patriot”? What’s a “conservative”? A Republican? A liberal? A libertarian? (Plus a brief Davenport, Part 14)

What’s a patriot? The Associated Press wrote the following about Ronald Reagan in 2004: “Ronald Reagan, an infectiously optimistic president who forged an enduring relationship with the American people, dedicated his presidency to two goals — the destruction of Soviet communism abroad and the reduction of government at home. He lived to see the first […]

Guest Editorial: Paul Gebolys defends religious freedom

Paul Gebolys, Guest Editorialist. The radical onslaught of the Progressives against the core values of America continues. The misleadingly named “Religion Foundation” has filed suit against Montgomery County for expressing the traditional and foundational values of America. Anti-religion zealots, have radically advocated far beyond the bounds of the original Constitutional definitions of church establishment as a […]

Editorial: On County government ethics, the citizens must go it alone; on County government spending, however, it’s a very different look and feel

Editorial: On County government ethics, the citizens must go it alone; on County government spending, however, it’s a very different look and feel

WARNING: IF YOU ONLY LIKE TO READ MATERIAL THAT AGREES WITH YOUR OPINIONS, YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS EDITORIAL. ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer The Woodlands, June 9 – The decision of Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon this morning not to pursue criminal charges against Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal for filming political advertisements inside […]